Short Stories

"83", Shotgun Honey, August 2017

"On Monday Nights We Danced in the Park", Kindle single, (first published in Day One, March 2016).

“The Mistress” read on Dames in the Dark. (Authors on the Air, 2016).

"Georgie Ann", Bartleby Snopes, December 2015.

"Our Man Julian", Thuglit #19, (2016 Best American Mystery Stories Distinguished Story).

"All Things Violent", Betty Fedora 2, 2015.

“Joe Park’s Little Girl”, Mystery Weekly Magazine, 2015, (2016 Derringer Finalist). 

“Mendelson In The Park”, Red Rock Review, Fall 2015.

“Beautiful", Eunoia Review, October 2015.

“Stars",  OneTitle.

“Fairytale”, The Toucan. (reprinted in Vignette Review, 2015)

“Hello, My Name is Denise”, Front Porch Review.

“Dog People”, Story Week Reader #8. (reprinted in Vignette Review, 2015)

“Knife Fight with D'Artagnan”, Northville Review.

“Awake”, Story Week Reader #7.

“Adventure!”, Stories Afloat anthology.

“On Fremont Street”, Story Week Reader #6.

“Take The Hit”, StoryGlossia 38.

“How To Be Good”, The Back Alley Webzine.

“Laura and the Cowboy”, Spinetingler Magazine.

“Laundry”, Red Rock Review.